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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  September 19, 2015 9:30am-11:01am PDT

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and check out our website at... i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ]
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his first stop before heading to d.c. next week, preparations for the his >> welcome to the journal editorial report. the republican presidential hopefuls squared off in the second debate of the 2016
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season. while there were 11 candidates on the main stage they had a common goal -- taking on front-runner donald trump. >> mr. trump, we don't need an apprentice in the white house. we don't need one. we have one now. >> the one guy that had some special interests that i know of that tried to get me to change my views on something that was generous and gave me money was donald trump. he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> women all over the country heard clearly what mr. trump said. [ applause ] >> joining the panel this week, "wall street journal" columnist dan henninger. dorothy rabinowitz, james freeman and washington columnist kim straussel. kim, you saw the everybody trying to take on donald trump. did they succeed in taking him down a peg? >> yeah. the unexpected benefit of having donald trump in this race is
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that he's forcing all of his rivals to up their game and they did. he wants the race to continue to be about his personality and some bluster and blather. they came in determined to instead highlight his weaknesses as a presidential candidate. they scored some points. you had fiorina highlighting his temperament and also lack of knowledge on things like the 14th amendment. you had bush highlighting his record as a democrat and his views in the past. you had marco rubio really highlighting his utter lack of knowledge on foreign policy. >> we'll do that. who was the most effective in terms of taking on trump. my rule is it was carl fiorina. she used his words against him. >> she landed a haymaker on the response to his comment about her looks. also for herself, i think she showed an amazing knowledge,
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encyclopedic knowledge of the military beyond other candidates. almost the entire field did well, except for mr. trump. but the blather and bluster kim mentioned, i think that's his standard schtick. he doesn't say a lot of upstairs. he gives his business to the other candidates. >> let's look at another exchange between jeb bush and donald trump. >> your brother and his administration gave us barack obama because it was such a disaster those last three months that abraham lincoln could not have been elected. >> you know what? as it relates to my brother there is one thing i know for sure. he kept us safe. i don't know if you remember -- [ cheers and applause ] >> this was an important moment. because after jeb bush said that trump said, do you feel safe right now? scott walker immediately jumped in and said, mr. trump, you are talking about barack obama.
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his brother did keep us safe. then later chris christie when talking about 9/11 in a way that could have been maudlin was pretty moving and strong. at the end said, i was proud to sefb with george w. bush. in a way it was the party coming together not only to defend jeb bush against donald trump but the previous president, his brother. >> i agree with that. i also thought the earlier exchange between trump and bush where bush asked trump to apologize to his wife was not as effective for bush. trump did what he does. he refused. bush kind of sloughed away without taking a firm stance. that's what trump does. you can't make a statement depending upon his response because he could say anything. >> yes. all lawyers know never ask a question you don't know the answer to. you knew there would be no apology. backtrack to the earlier
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encounter with carl fiorina. when she said the american people heard him -- >> american women. >> american women, yes. you could hear in the applause, in addition to the women a very clear male sound. male whistles, applause. that should give pause to donald trump. there was such a unanimity of response between the genders of this assault. >> now if carly fiorina does rise in the polls after this, what are challenges she faces going forward? what's her appeal? why is she breaking through? >> she's incredibly articulate. clearly an incredibly hard worker. talk about debate prep. this woman was so polished up there on stage. she knew the answer to every question. she was very clear on her thoughts. one of her appeals, too, is that she's not a woman running for president. she is a strong leader running for president who happens to be a woman.
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that's a new thing for the gop. to have someone like that. she does it very well. she looks serious. she knows her stuff. she's not saying to people, elect me because'm a woman. she's saying elect me because i'll be good in the job. she has the chops to do it. >> she's going to face challenges. she has to defend her business record. donald trump went after her. you will see more of that if she rises in the polls. >> yes. i think that's going to be true. i do believe she'll come out swinging quite effectively. in addition to what she says which is very cogent and eloquent, there is the way she says it. there is a manner. that enormously impressive silence and control. margaret thatcher. >> that's a comparison. when we come back, foreign policy comes to the fore as the gop candidates tackle challenges in the middle east and beyond.
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who got the upper hand in wednesday's showdown?
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foreign policy took center stage in wednesday's debate with vladimir putin's recent moves in syria prompting an exchange between donald trump and marco rubio. >> what would you do right now if you were president to get the russians out of syria. >> i would talk to him, get along with him. i may be wrong and i would have to take a different path but i would get along with a lot of world leaders this country isn't getting along with. >> the russians will fly combat russians in the region not just targeting isis but to prop up assad. he will then turn to other countries in the region and say america is no longer a reliable ally, egypt, no longer a reliable ally, saudi arabia, rely on us. he's trying to replace us as the single most important power broker in the middle east.
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this president is allowing it. >> who got the bet of the exchange? >> you're asking me? this is why donald trump lost ground in the debate. marco rubio was showing you what the political big leagues look like. donald trump was showing you what it means to come out of the political minor leagues. if you are going to be on stage, he got into this thing talking mainly about immigration. but you are in a debate, you've got to talk about at least five or six major issues and be prepar prepared. almost all the candidates including carly fiorina who is another, quote/unquote, outsider candidate did her homework on foreign policy. she did her homework and he didn't. >> to be commander in chief you ought to have some familiarity with hot spots of the world. donald trump didn't show that. i thought marco rubio showed remarkable fluency on foreign policy. we have heard from him many times. he does understand the issues.
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he has a capacity to put them in succinct terms. >> there is a difference between doing their homework which is good enough and having lived this stuff all your life. marco rubio has invested in this study, has been a part of the feeling. he's been a life long student of politics and our place in the world. this shows in the quickness and fluidity. calling in the minor league of donald trump is far too great. >> on foreign policy. >> let's listen to carlely fiorina on the same subject. >> what i would do is begin rebuilding the sixth fleet, the missile defense program in poland, conduct regular groi military exercises in the baltic states, probably send a few thousand more troops into germany. vladimir putin would get the message. >> kim, you have written that a woman candidate like fiorina has to speak in this level of
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detail. whereas maybe a man would not. why do you say that? >>le well, because the american public is used to men being president. they assume most people who put themselves out there generally are familiar with the military. they understand how things run. they have doubts with women. about that. fiorina's decision to go up there and be very, very specific about what she would do and, in fact, be specific about elements of the military and how big it needed to be and talk about the sixth fleet. it was all designed to reassure people that she, as a woman, could be an effective commander in chief. i think it was effective. >> what about trump? our colleagues here are very critical of him on a level of detail on foreign policy. is there something effective about the quality where he says, look, i'm a big enough guy to talk. i will get them down and negotiate. i never lose a deal. they know they have to take me with respect. that seems to be working with some voters. >> certainly.
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>> i wouldn't assume though he may have gotten crushed on substance that he has it. certainly marco rubio has a rehearsed, formal political presentation. you saw from trump more of a shoot from the hip, informal, casualle conversational style. i'm not talking about substance here. he has an ability to communicate that a lot of other people on stage haven't reached yet. >> the answer on putin was hard to understand what he was saying. when you put the cloud in people's head, i think you suffer. >> he said, i'll talk to putin, we'll get along, until we don't. then i have plan b. he didn't say what it was. he didn't do any analysis. what is putin thinking and what does he want? is it a threat to our interest or not? he goes with a mano a mano
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policy which is never -- >> what we have never plumbed the mysteries of is the issue of his supporters. they are the great mystery. >> that mystery will be unfolding as we continue to go along. when we come back with another debate behind us, a look at where the campaign goes from here. did this week's performances change the republicanle race in a fundamental way? our panel's thoughts after the break. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase.
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the question is who's going to prosecute hillary clinton? the obama white house seems to have no interest. the justice department seems to have no interest. it's time to put a former federal prosecutor on the same stage as hillary clinton. i will prosecute her during the debates on the stage for the record we are talking about
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here. >> new jersey governor chris christie training his fire at democratic front-runner hillary clinton. so, james, did chris christie give himself a new hearing with voters after that performance? >> he did. i think that's perhaps the best argument for chris christie, th. i think that's perhaps the best argument for christie. he knows how to make a case. he wants to make it in a debate with hillary clinton. unlike some of the other candidates, he has an issue of his record. he doesn't have the great reform record that some of the other governors had. what you were seeing in this debate, he asserted himself a little more than the first one, is he can make a case. i think at that moment, a lot of voters probably like the idea of him on the stage with hillary going over the e-mail issues. >> what about bush? a lot people said before the debate he needed to assert himself more, and he did, but i would argue with mixed results. he won a couple of exchanges.
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but i thought not as well at the front. >> exactly to your point about the latter. he did this in the first debate too. he seemed to gain strength as he goes through these debates and finishes strong. i think bush accomplished what he needed to. he stood up to donald trump. he's establishing a basis for a long ground game running into the primaries. >> ben carson, he was second in the polls, and yet kind of had a flat performance by most accounts. he looked restrained. kind of certain vagueness to some of his answers. did he help or hurt himself? >> he hurt himself. you could say flatter than he was before. but he was flat before. and i think the more people exposed to him. when you get something as vague as his key point, which is we don't want to be run by the government. let the people run their business. this is the kind of talk that he turns out is a maker program. what is he saying?
9:52 am
>> what do you think he's saying? i think he's saying i'm an outsider. the one who will shake up washington. that's the message. he doesn't really mean the man in the street is going to run it. let everybody into the white house. >> yes, he doesn't push back against this nonsense about vaccinations. he allows this assault on vaccinations. well, you know, i'm for them. he does this several times in several cases. 10 million people who may be deported, i think there's room to talk about that, that is what he said. >> okay. kim, did anybody else break through for you, strike you as making an important impression? >> no. i think actually, though, one different way to look at this is not even who's made an impression. all those people we just named did. what's happening in this race in my mind is republican voters aren't necessarily chuy choosin they want to be the nominee.
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they're choosing who they don't want to see in this race anymore. all the candidates knew that. which is why you saw them up there all being so aggressive. some of them didn't manage to do that. so i think it was a tough night for guys like rand paul, mike huckabee, john kasich, who didn't really have any memorable moments or lines. they've got donors that are going to be worried about this. i think you'll start to see some people start to drop out. >> did scott walker make an impression? he needed to, as kim said, break through. >> he showed more than he did in the first debate. i think he was competitive in this debate. it was a very difficult format with the cnn running everything through donald trump. all of those candidates -- >> a blatant play for ratings by the way. >> absolutely. >> and not helpful to the general -- >> but the candidate had to seize the moment when they got it. most -- i don't think rand paul did such a good job. huckabee did, talking about
9:54 am
religious liberty. i think walker did as well. >> kasich, james, i thought he did well in the first debate. this time, there was -- i get the impression in some ways he was running a little too aggressively against the current republican party. rather than against hillary clint be and the democrats. i'm not sure that's the way to get the nomination and break out in this field. where a lot of republican voters are so frustrated. >> well, his general theme is i'm a republican but i have a heart. i think that's offensive. >> unlike all of us, by the way. we're not republicans and we don't have hearts. >> i don't know if this is going to sell. i certainly understand how it can sell the democrats and maybe some independents. but i think it may be an issue for republicans who really feel like conservatism is the philosophy that does the most for the poor, for everyone around the world. i think that's a tough challenge for him.
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>> all right, james, thank you. thank you, all. we have to take one more break. when we come back, hits and misses of the week.
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time now for hits and misses. start off. >> a miss to texas senator core nine for his call for a special prosecutor to look into hillary clinton server. we're only start to figure out what happened with mrs. clinton's emays and only because we have courts that are processing freedom of information requests and an fbi that's felt under pressure to take this seriously. you appoint a special prosecutor, that all comes to an end. this goes underground. the pressure comes off. the fbi and the courts. and this could possibly take years with no information. the american people deserve to know how hillary clinton thinks of classified information before they go to vote for her in the polls. >> this is a miss to the federal
9:59 am
reserve. seven years after the financial crisis, they insist on continuing emergency management policy. this is after a research report from within their own federal reserve system, said that their policies have not worked anywhere ever. >> all right. so you want to get off zero? james? >> i think they can go much higher. but quarter point is a reasonable start. we can all keep borrowing money. the world will go on. >> dan. >> the obama economy got a big miss as the krcensus bureau reported median household income in 2014 is unchanged as 2013. it's down 6.5% since 2007. what's even more troublesome is that income mobility in 2014 hardly moved. people are not moving up the income ladder. we're living in a static economy. this more than anything accounts for the voter anger. >> remember, if you have your own hit or miss, be shush to
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tweet it to us @jeronfnc. hope to see you right here next week. after weeks on edge, drivers in phoenix finally breathe a sigh of relief. police make an arrest in a strike of highway shootings there. but investigators say don't let your guard down yet. >> pope francis sets out for uncharted territory. he lands in cuba in just a few hours. then it's on to the u.s. next week. as millions of faithful in both nations gear u.n. for his arrival. >> sergeant beau bergdahl's future will be decided soon. now we wait for the verdict. will he face a court-martial for abandoning his post? we'll talk to a former j.a.g. lawyer. >> people's lives were put at
10:01 am
risk. people died directly because he did walk away and choose to walk away. a very good saturday to you. thanks for spending it with us. >> welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. we got him tweeted the governor of arizona. anounzing the arrest of a man suspected in connection with a string of freeway shootings that has been terrorizing the phoenix area. he is expected to make his first court appearance later this afternoon. authorities are warning drivers to stay alert because they say the investigation is not over yet. will carr is in our west coast bureau with the latest. hi, will. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. it's been a tough couple of weeks for drivers but authorities say they're confident this is their guy. you mentioned the governor came
10:02 am
out last night and said, quote, we got him. police took him into custody outside of a glendale walmart. they say he is forens like clinked to the shootings. the department of public safety linked a .9 millimeter handgun recently sold at a pawnshop to the shootings and police believe he is the one who bought that gun. >> i thought it was important for the people of arizona to know the weapon and the man we believe responsible for starting this spree in arizona is in custody. >> here's what we know about merit now. he's the landscaper. he's a father of two. he's enthusiastic about guns. if you go on his facebook page, he has numerous picture of himself with a variety of different guns. as for the potential motivation in this case, that's unclear. a couple the local reporters in phoenix caught up with merritt's father last night and he says they got the wrong person.
10:03 am
>> whoever said he's the i-10 shooter is a [ bleep ] moron, have a good night. >> since late august, 11 shootings. while police believe merritt was linked to the first four and they now charged him with a number crimes, they say they're still looking for copycats and this is an ongoing investigation. at the same time, we're expecting merritt to make his first court appearance in about 45 minutes from now. >> we'll come to you as the story develops. thank you so much. historic moments ahead. pope francis arrives in havana, cuba, in just a few hours. it's the first stop on a ten-day trip that will take him from cuba to the united states. two countries he has never visited before. the pontiff boarded a plane in rome earlier this morning. in cuba, the government has actually launched a major effort to make sure crowdsters are streets for his arrival.
10:04 am
it's offering a days pea, snacks and transportation to state workers who gather along the pope's route from the airport. we'll see if that works coming up here in a couple of hours. we take a live look at havana coming up. the pope will celebrate mass tomorrow in havana's revolutionary square. he will head to the united states for stops in washington. he's going to meet with the president. he's going to also speak to a joint session of congress. then he is going to head to new york, address the u.n. and also to philadelphia coming up later. we'll talk to a lot of experts about how this historic week will go down. >> we want to hear from you. what do you hope to hear from the pope in his first address to the u.s. congress? you can send us your tweets at leland vitter or @elizabethprann and we'll read some of your answers later on in the show.
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switching gears now to the campaign trail. we head to iowa where eight of the gop presidential hopefuls will try to rally caucusgoers at the 15th annual faith and freedom coalition. the forum is an important one for the candidates as they attempt to connect with the highly influential base of evangelical voters. right in the middle of it all is correspondent carl cameron. who is there today? what can we expect to hear from? >> this is an annual thing now. the faith and family -- excuse me, the faith and freedom coalition brings together both evangelical groups as well as a variety of other conservative organizations in iowa. we're now less than five months away from the caucuses so this is an important one. this week has turned out to be the most busy on the campaign trail. starting with the debate in california. the candidates yesterday all trucked down to south carolina. almost all of them anyway. all to give speeches. and so today there's this forerupp here. and there will be a number of candidates.
10:06 am
donald trump will be here. this is again a very socially conservative event. he has been criticized by some of his rivals for not being too up on the bible and being reluctant to talk about his faith. at the same time today, in michigan, another number of candidates are going to the michigan republican conference on mackinaw island. it's a tough place to get to, it is an island, and folks either have to take a ferry or fly in. so there's a choice between these candidates. they've gone from california and south carolina yesterday and splitting off between iowa and michigan today. it's an an awful lot of work and a lot of hours and a very big week. scott walker was unable to make it to mackinac today. he had a charter to get there. the weather was bad so he's going to miss that event. donald trump actually was unable to go to the event in south carolina yesterday. he had a business commitment that made him unavailable to go there. he at one point agreed to come
10:07 am
because they lengthened the speeches from 7 minutes to 15. ben carson yesterday in greenville absolutely stole the show. he got there. announced he was delighted to be there. it was his 64th birthday. he said a great birthday present was trump was not able to be there yesterday. when he announced he was turning 64 yesterday, he got a huge ovation from the crowd and serenaded. >> thank you for inviting me here on my birthday. i guess the best birthday present is i heard donald trump had dropped out. and they sang happy birthday to him. mr. trump has not dropped out. but he will be here today and it starts later this afternoon into the evening. this is a very big deal.
10:08 am
iowa is a very socially conservative caucus. a record turnout would be about 120,000 people showing up, showing up with their neighbors and talking politicians. trump is leading the polls here. 60% of the electorate is self-described evangelical christian. he's leading the polls. even if he can't necessarily or chooses not to talk about his faith or quote from the bible, he has organization in iowa and that matters. with 120,000 votes being the record and 16 candidate all competitive, it's possible to win with 30,000 votes. the record is held by mike huckabee and he won with 37,000. that is a battle on the ground. >> you're right in the thick of it. we will check in with you later in the show. thank you. >> this week's debate highlighted the rift between donald trump and several of the other 2016 gop candidates when it comes to immigration.
10:09 am
take a listen. >> it does require securing the border. no one disagrees with that. but to build a wall and to deport people, half a million a month, would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, donald, hundreds of billions of dollars. it would destroy communities. it would tear families apart. >> we're spending $200 billion a year on maintaining what we have. we will move them out. the great ones will come back. the good ones will come back. >> so could these differences hurt the republican party's chances of winning over latino voters? joining us now, longtime bush supporter al cardinis, former chairman of the american conservative union, former chairman of the republican party. thank you for being here on a saturday. jeb bush famously quoted for saying at some point you may have to lose the primary to win the general election. is that what we're seeing now? you obviously see trump very popular because of his stand on
10:10 am
immigration. maybe not so much with the swing voters. >> look, it's just not immigration. we've got a lot of serious challengings in america. dumbing down the conversation to get on the plus line is going to be short-lived. eventually people want problem solvers. they want to identify not just a problem but the solution. talking about deporting 11 million people is not only financially, you know, just not feasible but from a practical standpoint, it's just not going to happen. when you say you're going to do it in two years, what are you going to do? move the national guard tanks? start tearing down doors? that's the kind of rhetoric and the optics of that rhetoric that would cause us a problem in the general election. >> you bring up a good point in terms of the optics and talking about those kinds of things. take a look at the latest poll. feelings towards gop presidential candidates among latino meshes and there's a lot of political pundits who will tell you this election very well
10:11 am
may be won or lost in colorado, pennsylvania, florida, by hispanic voters. take a look at the numbers here. obviously rubio, somewhat positive. bush, very to somewhat positive. there's a lot of numbers on that chart. the biggest number's in the lowerest right-hand side of the screen. trump, very, negative or somewhat negative, 70%. given the theory that hispanics may be the key to this race for republicans when it comes to the general election, is giving the nomination to mr. trump, if that happens, is that giving the election to the democrats? >> pretty much. look at the numbers there, 50 million plus hispanics living in america. they got 28 million reblgssterrreblgsster ed registered voters. jeb bush has gone twice. in one election he got 60% of the hispanic vote. there's only really one or two candidates at this stage that
10:12 am
can win the general election, given the poisoned atmosphere being created in the primary. you know, the party's not going to be able to get it turned around in a couple of months in 2006. and a number these candidates, if they win the nomination, based on the rhetoric they've used, they're going to have a hard time try to gain a fair share. frankly, the numbers in this election, i don't think if you can't get to 35% or 40% to hispanic electorate, there's no route to win in a general election. by definition, a number of these candidates have excluded themselves from possibly winning the general election -- >> that's the real question in terms of -- how far to the right can you move on something like immigration to try to win the nomination and then come back to the center to win the general election. hillary clinton is certainly trying to capitalize on this and lump every republican together. take a listen to what she said in an op-ed piece. i stand with every family who wants to come out of the shadows, she wrote.
10:13 am
as president, i will fight to fix our broken immigration system and pass comb prehebsive immigration reform. i will defriend president obama's executive action protecting dreamers and the parents of citizen children and will seek to go beyond them. meaning beyond those kinds of executive actions. at that point, how does any republican win hispanic vote when you have someone like hillary clinton on the other side offering such a huge promise to hispanics? >> well, that's easy. i mean, her rhetoric is very extre extremist. the reason why we don't have immigration reform is we have a president in barack obama who has, you know, defied the constitution, the balance of powers, by these executive actions he's taken. he's isolated the congress. we don't have immigration reform. frankly, right after the past election there was a good chance you ask congressman ryan, congressman diaz-balart and others, there is a coalescing of
10:14 am
trying to pass immigration reform. the president was asked to hold his horses. you know, he passed this executive order that totally not only was illegal, it circumvented the rights of the congress to move forward. and so we have a stalemate. hillary clinton is spending her time doing precisely the same thing but doubling down. she's for the same illegal executive order. she's for continuing to insult the republican leadership and how is she going to achieve legislation when she's not a problem solver? and so she's on the same identical path as the president. if you want this thing resolved you want a problem solver who will reach out to congress and come up with a meaningful consens consensus. >> you have yet to see whether her continuation of the president's policies proves more influential at the ballot box come november. i appreciate your perspective from down there in florida. thank you, sir. >> you got it, thanks.
10:15 am
>> sergeant beau bergdahl is back in the headlines. to determine whether he will face a court marshall hearing. bergdahl's saga began several years ago. his platoon was deployed back in february of 2009. four months later in june of that year, bergdahl walked off the u.s. base in eastern afghanistan and he was then captured by militants. after five years, a number of taliban released videos, bergdahl was freed in a controversial prisoner swap. in march of this year, the military charged bergdahl with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. at bergdahl's military hearing, prosecutors say he planned to desert his posts in afghanistan. witnesses described the dangerous conditions during the months long search for him. the officer in charge of investigating bergdahl's appearance says it was a
10:16 am
misguided attempt by bergdahl to draw attention to the problems he thought existed in his unit. joining me now to discuss the case is michael jetski, he served as a j.a.g. officer and a retired captain with the u.s. navy reserve. thank you for joining me, sir. >> good morning. >> i want to start very basic. what is an article 32 proceeding? for some of our viewers at home, why is this just the beginning of what can be a very long road? >> in article 32 investigation can be summarized as what is known as a grand jer in the civilian parless. article 32 designed to determine just two things, was an offense committed under the ucmj and did this accused commit it. is there probable cause enough to believe those two facts. if there is, then the case is referred to the commanding general to make the final decision on whether or not it proceeds to court marshal. >> you said probable cause.
10:17 am
the accusations are desertion. i want to play a sound bite for you from one of bergdahl's former roommates and follow up with a question. >> -- mailed all of his stuff home, even though our platoon still had about nine months left in the deployment. >> had anybody else mailed any stuff home? >> no, ma'am. we had nine months left in the deployment. whatever that lawyer said was a fallacy. >> okay, you heard there that the former roommate said he had mailed stuff home with months long left in their deployment. my follow up question is, is desertion easy to prove? >> no, desertion is not easy to prove because it involves an intent to remain away permanently. that's the issue in all desertion cases. by sending his materials home and in his e-mails to his parents and his comments to his comrades at arm that he was dissatisfied and he intended to desert, that can be used as
10:18 am
evidence of an intent to remain away permanently. but it has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. that is the standard. and as the defense so cleverly tried to show yesterday, that he was a naive young inexperienced shoulder with mental illness who only intended to get things right. that he wanted to walk 18 miles to a forward operating base to report on what he conceived to be inappropriate behavior by his command. that was his intent, the defense contends, to make things right. that's the great dynamic. in the court-martial yet to come. was this a naive young soldier who just wanted to do things right, or was it a cold calculating young man who intended to put his comrades in harm's way? >> right, the intention there. >> that is the decision that the lieutenant colonel will have to
10:19 am
decide. >> okay, so the process, like you said, is now in the hands of the commanding general. how long does he have to decide? and then what happened next? >> well, right now, the report has not yet come out by lieutenant colonel who is the investigating officer for the article 32. he is going to make a written determination, deliver it to the commanding general. the commanding general will then decide and he doesn't really have a time period. listen, this case has been going on since last march when the charges were proffered. so the commanding general in a reasonable period will make a decision. does this case go to court-marti court-martial, or will he be administratively separated, or will the charges be dropped? all these decisions will weigh heavily on the commanding general's mind. then, if it goes to a court-martial, the decision will be made by the defense whether or not this goes to a judge alone or to a panel composed of at least five officers or
10:20 am
two-thirds enlisted members at the election of the accused. so this case is far from over. we have a lot more to see. >> we'll probably have you back because it's going to be a long road. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. kim davis is back at work but the saga surrounding her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples continues. when days was released from jail, the judge ordered her not to interfere with her deputy clerk's issuing marriage licenses down there in kentucky. but a lawyer for one of her deputies says davis made changes to those forms including removing her name and all mentions of rowan county. the deputy attorney says those changes could make the licenses invalid. davis' lawyer disputes those claims. arguing that the judge already ruled that the altered forms could still be valid. still ahead, running out of
10:21 am
patience and options. migrants find little sympathy on european borders. and always there in times of need. could the american red cross be failing to live up to its mission statement? and the mufscle flex on capitol hill. we'll have the latest coming up. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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10:25 am
in chile, the clean-up effort under way after an 8.3 magnitude earthquake struck off its northern coast earlier this week. the quake triggered a tsunami that swamped some of the coastal cities. at least 12 people were killed we know of. others are still missing. damage estimates are expected to go into the billions of dollars. soldiers right now are patrolling the streets to prevent looting there. some residents complain the government aid simply isn't coming fast enough. thousands of migrants, many without food and water, are trapped in southeast europe. they're finding border after border is closing, blocking their passage to wealthy nations in western europe. police say hungarian authorities have escorted more than 6,000 migrants to the austrian border just today. this after croatia became overwhelmed and dumped the migrants on hungary's doorstep. that's where we find our senior
10:26 am
affairs correspondent. >> reporter: the fences are long and high. the police are well equipped and ready for trouble. but so much of the current refugee crisis in europe comes down to one thing. humanity. like this extended family. men and women, young and old, a frail grandmother, a weak and sleeping toddler. they traveled weeks from afghanistan, escaping war and strife. only to find themselves detained by hungarian police. >> big problem. i'm engineer. >> you're engineer. >> engineer. taliban -- >> taliban -- >> engineers -- >> and dash? >> dash. >> isis. big problems. or this man and his family. a suicide bomber blew himself up alongside their home in demaamas syria. >> for my kids now more than two years, theme not studied. there's no school.
10:27 am
>> this is an important time for your children and they're losing it. >> or this young man. he and others remain on the run. shut out of one country. looking for another route. >> we need the people's help, you know, the usa, the u.n. and the european countries right now. they should help us. >> observers say countries too have rights to defend their borders. to decide who enters. for those within to obey laws. but experts agree. there must be a way to accommodate and allow for people around the world to exist. in hungary, fox news. >> still ahead on america's news headquarters, preparing for a visit from the pope. one very large catholic school is getting ready to host the pontiff and 25,000 of his flock. plus, wait until you hear what the vatican has asked of this man. we're going to tell you what he is brewing and how you can get some of it. >> puts his mind to creating a
10:28 am
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washington is preparing for record crowds this week. the pontiff starts with a trip to the u.s. capital on tuesday. during his visit, the pope will proclaim the first saint on american soil by canonizing a missionary. a spanish born francisan friar. that will be during an outdoor mass. joining us now, our guest, the chief of staff at catholic university. it's pretty remarkable. you were there for the visit of john paul ii, the visit of pope benedict and now pope francis. we've heard so much since pope francis became pope about the
10:33 am
pope francis effect, if you will, this rejuvenation of interest in the catholic church. >> absolutely, it's amazing the number of people who want to see pope francis. we at catholic university are putting together this mass for 25,000. it's all ticketed. but the demand for tickets is incredible. the students on campus are unbelievably excited about it. >> there was one tweet that i read that said that catholic university has become the catholic penitentiary of america because of all the security. 25,000 tickets. how many requests did you have? >> i must have had 40,000 easy. >> a lot of long lost friends. >> amazing all my college roommates who wanted tickets. catholic university is an open campus. that's one of the things we pride ourselves. we have an open campus. you can walk through the campus any time to go to the metro or the basilica. the fact we have become the cath rick penitentiary with all the fencing around, it's a little disconcerting to the students but it will go away next week.
10:34 am
>> why do you think we've seen this unbelievable effect from pope francis and sort of this rock star-like feeling from so many about him that we just haven't seen before? >> well, it started day one. when he went and paid his own bill after he was elected pope. and he doesn't live in the papal apartments. he lives in a hotel still. he likes to have pizza. he's a real human being. when he goes through the crowd, as you see in rome, hugging and kissing babies, people relate to the fact he is like you and me. >> we've seen in a number of other visits him just wade out into the crowd. he refuses to drive around in the bulletproof limousine. is there a chance we're going to see him walk through the crowds in the basilica and say hello to folks? >> i would be surprised if he didn't. he'll stay in the pope mobile and go the route --
10:35 am
>> nobody's going to say no to the pope either, it's difficult. the second part of this is pope francis isn't without controversy. very popular. sort of this larger than life figure in so many ways. but, the same time, there's a lot of conservative catholics, especially here in the united states who really have problems with his views on the social issues. things like when it comes to abortion, like when it comes to the issues of dealing with gays in the catholic church, those kinds of things. are you seeing any push back from students who say wait, i feel a little uncomfortable, a little torn? >> i don't think so. what i see more is people who are saying, okay, here's a pope who's testing the waters, who's feeling out the way things are. he hasn't changed any doctrine. he has talked to people about loving, caring, understanding, not being judgmental. i think those things resonate with young people today. >> they are certainly resonating and they're resonating with all your friends who are calling for tickets to the mass. appreciate you being here. you got a busy couple days ahead. thanks for taking time. elizabeth. >> a midwest coffee brewer is
10:36 am
answering an unusual call from the vatican. it was the chance of a lifetime when the pope's advance team ordered up a special blend for the pontiff's visit. the owner came up with 60 pounds of the unique grind. the company helps coffee growers and roasters around the world to improve the taste of their brew. the vatican likely became aware of it because it has offices in italy. >> the question is, how many people have just now googled kansas city's brewed behavior. >> i was juvenile thist thinkin can -- i never turn down any opportunity to get coffee. >> we'll see how waiting list is for a few pounds of the pope's brew, i guess you could call it. >> exactly. >> and the federal government could be headed for a shutdown at the end of the month over funding for planned parenthood. yesterday, the house passed a bill that would block planned parenthood's federal funding for a year. republican leaders drove the bill through, hoping to rein in
10:37 am
conservatives willing to cause a shutdown over the issue. but will the move work? garrett tenny is here with the details. >> congress has just five legislative days left until the federal government runs out of money, and planned parenthood is at the center of this budget debate. some conservatives in the house remain adamant that removing all federal funding from planned parenthood be a part of any budget bill. >> somehow harvesting the parts from these little baby boys and girls has become a political issue. this is an issue human being to human being. this is an issue of conscience and conviction. please do not make it a political battle. this is about our sons and daughters. this is about a horrific act that is repulsive and repugnant. it has no place in america. and america's taxpayers refuse to pay for that type of act. >> president obama has vowed to veto any bill, budget or
10:38 am
otherwise, that attacks planned parenthood. if no budget resolution is passed by the end of this month, the standoff could lead to a government shutdown. republican leadership wants to avoid that though. in a private meeting this week, house leadership showed conservatives polling data that indicates republicans will again take the fall for any government shutdown. democrats have been quick to jump on that, including hillary clinton this morning. >> candidates want to defund planned parenthood. many are willing to shut down our government to do it no matter the consequences for our country. >> without the two-thirds majority in both houses to overcome a veto, the two bills passed yesterday have little chance of becoming law. along with any budget bill targeting planned parenthood. but that's not stopping some conservatives in the house from threatening to challenge speaker boehner's leadership over the issue. we're told that could happen as soon as next week. elizabeth. >> all right, thank you, garrett
10:39 am
tenney, reporting live, very passionate on both sides, thank you so much. you would almost think it was spring in tornado alley as you looked at this frightening sight in the kansas skies. so far, at least one tornado touched down. meanwhile, a cold front is sweeping through other parts of the country. still a little early for that perhaps, janice dean. >> i don't know, leland, we've got fall officially arriving this wednesday. take a look. some refreshing temperatures on the way. we'll talk about that and where we can see thunderstorms later on this afternoon. >> and get ready for a collective aw. an adorable story of puppy love. get this, we're going to tell you how a dolphin helped one woman find a perfect partner and why they were destined to be together. >> when i saw what happened to her and literally fell in love. i mean, it was like the other half of rates. rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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the official first day fall is next wednesday. with it comes cooler weather and storms in some parts of the country. meteorologist janice dean is at the fox weather center to tell us who could be seeing storms today. hi, janice. >> i'm somebody that as long as we're not seeing snow right now, i'll take the cooler temperatures. let's take a look at it. that cold front on the march across the midwest, the great lakes, back through texas. and along and in front of the front is that where we're seeing the showers and the thunderstorms. we're not going to see severe weather today. maybe a few places of large hail, damaging winds. but not an outbreak. we're also going to watch the potential for some wet weather along the coast. this area of disturbed weather we'll watch over the next couple of days. there's your forecast. satellite radar imagery. that forecast is on the move, ushering in cooler temperatures for the mid-atlantic. we'll watch that area of low pressure off the coast. we don't think it's going to develop but this time of year we will need to monitor it. you can see the cooler air behind the system. in front of it, one last day of
10:45 am
summertime until we get into sunday. you can see the temperatures dropping in the 70s. and then even further as we head into monday. still across the southeast, it remains sultry. feeling good for the northeast and mid-atlantic. look at d.c. you'll enjoy 72 on monday. 78, tuesday. for new york city, lows in the 50s. and highs in the middle 70s. looks like boston, you'll get into the 60s next week. so we'll take it. on the flip side of this, dry con i dids returning to the west. of course, we've been watching the wildfires across california. across the next couple of days, not getting a lot of moisture into the region. so we'll be watching this area over the next couple of days as well. there are your highs across the west. >> i couldn't have said it better myself, no snow, no complaints so i'm happy about that. thank you, janice. >> just wait a few months. all right, safe to say most people think their pet is a perfect match. one woman in florida shares a
10:46 am
truly special connection with her dog. meet maya who was injured in the bosnian war and lost her leg. the company that made maya's prospectic leg also made a tail for winter the dolphin. all right. and it was through that connection that maya found her dog rosie, the great dane, who also lost a leg and got a new one from the hanger clinic. maya says, as you can tell, it was love at first sight. and there is rosie. on her prosthetic leg. >> very cute. >> doesn't get any cuter than that. would have been nice to see a picture of the dolphin but we'll work on that. a man arrested in connection to the highway shootings in phoenix to make his court appearance. we'll bring that live when it happens. still ahead, americans give millions of dollars to help victims of natural disasters, but questions about where that money is really going. congress is searching forrens s
10:47 am
answers. a u.s. marine is finally being honored. >> i couldn't tell you all the good things about my brother because there's too many.
10:48 am
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a brave vietnam veteran is
10:51 am
being honored decades after his ultimate sacrifice. he was left comatose after a missile hit him and he lived for 33 years and died back in 2001. it wasn't until recently that her sister noticed that her brother had been left off a local memorial honoring veterans. but now his name will be inscribed forever on the wall in his hometown in florida and now his family is hoping to get him added to the national memorial here in d.c. many people have donated to the american red cross to help during disasters. but a new government accountability office report is calling into question how that money is being spent citing media reports that says that the red cross raised half a billion dollars to help those in haiti but the charity only built six permanent homes. joining us now for a closer rook is sarah westwood, investigative
10:52 am
reporter for the washington examiner. thank you so much for joining us. this story caught me off guard because we've covered so many of these disasters. so break it down for me. what are lawmakers and really on both sides of the aisle here working to learn. >> they want to have the red cross be forced to open up their books to future audits and designate a federal agency to have independent oversight over the red ross because cross beca accusations, some that the red cross is taking the donations and not helping victims after disasters. >> we have seen after hurricane sandy, there was $300 million donated through people. i remember i was one of those people who were donating. and they still have upwards of $110 billion, this is all accusations that they haven't spent yet. why do we not have that accountability already? because the red cross, yes, it's
10:53 am
privately funded, but also funded by the government so the american taxpayer. >> and the funding is set up differently to allow it to be that private hybrid. but the firm funding comes in spirits. when there is a disaster, they issue the grant but it doesn't have a yearly federal funding the same way planned parenthood does. so it's easier for help to claim that they're not subject to the same laws that would govern a public organization. >> you have said this isn't completely unusual. it's a systemic issue. tell me more why is it systemic? >> in disasters, there are an outpouring of donations both from private individuals and not just to the red cross, but other charities that operate in the disaster zones and it's hard to keep track of the money. there is no time to look and compare prices competitively.
10:54 am
you are just rolling where the punches and sometimes that can create an environment where it's easy for people to commit fraud as we saw it happen after hurricane katrina in new orleans and you see it happen bit by bit in every sdas terks people tadi. >> have we heard anything from the red crokrocross? because these are huge allegations. six homes in haiti, has that been verified? >> the only response is just to deny the allegations and to say we already have a set of review process, we have a board of governors who performed these and we don't need a government mandated review process like representative betty johnson from tennessee has suggested in this legislation. >> so there are lawmakers on both sides trying to get more information. we'll definitely follow up. thank you for joining us.
10:55 am
fox news alert out of phoenix where we're awaiting the first court appearance of leslie alan merritt jr. he was arrested yesterday in connection with the highway shootings in phoenix, arizona.four shootings police say he committed, he had a tour bus, an suv, two cars, all of them on interstate 10. important to note that no one was injured in any of these shootings, but, boy, could it have ended differently. obviously caused a lot of panic there in phoenix. we'll bring you merritt's court appearance live when it happens sometime we're told in the next 15 or 20 minutes. moving on now, months after a bloody shoot-out in waco, do you remember these pictures? it left nine people dead, but still there are a lot of questions unanswered about the biker bar withdrawabrawl. ahead, a closer look at the evidence about who fired the fatal shots. and as millions of migrants
10:56 am
are swarming borders willing to risk everything for a new life, european nations are at a loss over how to handle the influx. we'll go live to the middle east to learn more about where the problems all started. >> this is a humanitarian catastrophe. we need to deal with it in an honest way and the most effective honest way is to keep people as close to home as possible. we can't have millions and millions of people walking into europe. now live back to phoenix. you're looking at leslie alan hair r merritt jr., this is his first courtroom appearance. >> he's 21, he's suspected in at least four of the shootings that
10:57 am
took place. but we did hear from local officials who said still be very cautious, there could be copycats out there. and to be careful obviously when you're out on the highway. but as you know, people in the phoenix area, they have been very tense for nearly three weeks. the last shooting took place on august 29. and again, he is accused of being in connection with at least four of the shootings that took place. >> one of the cars that he shot at, two of the cars he shot at obviously had people in them, there was also a tour bus. you have to think that he was obviously trying to hurt people. hard to imagine how you the shoot cars on a highway and not -- help our viewers understand the picture you're look at appears to be shot off a television screen at a jail. and a lot of times with these first appearances, the inmates don't actually go into a courtroom, there is a video link at a jail that they are then brought in and that's how they talk to the judge within the
10:58 am
first 24, 36 hours. we'll bring in now will carr, he's been following the story, he was in phoenix reporting during a lot of this time and during a time when so many drivers in phoenix were on edge. will, give us a sense from your sources out in phoenix how they got to leslie alan merritt. >> well, we're about to watch this preliminary hearing, where he will most likely plead not guilty. and then the judge will decide as to whether to set the bond. now, how we got here, last night authorities went into a walmart in glendale, arizona and they arrested merritt. they say they are sure this is their guy because the first four shootings that started back on august 29th have been forensically linked to merritt. now, a city counselor tweeted last night that evidently a gun that was used in those first four shootings was sold at a pawn shop and police believe in a gun was linked to merritt. so what we know about him, he's 21.
10:59 am
a landscaper, has two kids. he's a gun enthusiast. when we looked at his facebook page, there are numerous pictures of guns with hair ritz holding guns. in fact he had one that was a pump action shot gun that he called his baby. so now we're waiting to see exactly what will play out here in the next 5 to 10 minutes in this hearing. he has been charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm, endangerment, criminal damage and aggravated assault. interesting to note here that the prosecutor there in phoenix last week came out and said that he thinks that this was an act of terrorism. but the state law, state terrorism laws in arizona, would not allow prosecutors to actually charge him with that. so now he's facing a number of these local charges there in phoenix. >> all right. and help us understand, there were a number of shootings. we have the first four that he has been charged with. any idea from police why he hasn't been charged with more of these shootings?
11:00 am
>> well, right now the biggest thing that is unclear is motive. that's what they're trying to figure out. they will be poring through his facebook pages, talking to him, trying to figure out exactly what is going on here. since they have only been able to according to authorities link will him to four shootings, they think there could be copycats out there. you have to keep in mind that the shootings they linked him to involved guns. there were actually three other shootings out of the 11 that didn't involve guns, they involved projectiles. things like bee bee guns, pellet guns. so they do think there could potentially be more people out there and they say they're definitely looking into that as their investigation moves forward. >> and have we heard there any of his family members? >> yeah, we have. and several of the local reporters caught up to his family last night. they spoke to his dad who said, quote, anybody who thinks that my son is the shooter is a moron. obviously very emotional here. several other family members say


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